DID/OSDD Education and Information!

A Quick Rundown

What is DID?
DID is a childhood trauma disorder, characterized by intense, repetitive childhood trauma betweeen the ages 6-9, of which caused the brain to fragment, forming multiple "personalities" instead of just one to protect itself from the trauma, usually with one piece holding the traumatic memories behind an amnesia barrier to keep the others safe; After time the "fragments" form into full people, and the brain continues to split more persons to fill in the more complicated roles that arise as the brain and body change and grow. Characterized by dissociation, dissociative amnesia and multiple distinct persons in one body.

What is OSDD-1?
The same thing as DID but missing one or two major diagnostic requirements; DID lite. There are two major flavours of OSDD-1, but you aren't limited to either.
OSDD-1A: Two or more less distinct consciousnesses that are "versions of" the host rather than completely separate personalities, with complete amnesia between some or all switches.
OSDD-1B: Two or more distinct consciousnesses with little to no amnesia between switches.

What is PluralKit?
Pluralkit is a discord bot that aids systems, giving them the ability to create multiple different "accounts" under the bot, and write using them, to indicate which alter is chatting. It can also log switches.
Please note that its often considered offensive to refer to someone using Pluralkit (IE Proxying) a bot.