Q: Can alters have different ages/names/identities from the host?
A: Yes! Almost all alters have their own identities, likes, and information! Please ask your system friend about this, as its unique to each individual

Q: What does being a system entail? Is it like [insert popular media here]
A: Most media doesn't do plurality justice. Being a system is essentially sharing a body with multiple other people, to put it simply.

Q: How many alters can you have?
A: There is no limit to alter count! There's records of systems with over 1000 alters!

Q: What is an 'introject?'
A: An introject is an alter based on any external source. The brain has decided that they need this character/person to keep the body safe, so it takes their personality and memories and creates an alter based on it.

Q: This seems super cool? Can I get it? How do I split?
A: Please do not wish for our disorder. It makes life incredibly hard. Once you're above the age of 9, you can not form a system, except for in extremely rare cases (See OSDD-2). Again, this is a trauma disorder.